Parawave Audio updates Rapid Synthesizer to 1.7.0 - Adds New UI Theme, Oscillator Insert-Effects, Filters and FX Version

1st November 2019

Parawave Audio has updated Rapid to version 1.7.0 and added an improved new user interface theme, new oscillator insert-effects, filters and an extra FX version of the plugin.

A New Look
The added main theme improves the overall visual style and is intended to be easier on the eyes than previous iterations. On the basis of user requests, the fonts and colors were reworked into a modern darker style. Ideally suited for longer sound design sessions.

Insert Power
There are three new oscillator insert effects. The new synchronization bends combine hard sync and phase bending to achieve some interesting and complex wave manipulations:

The drift insert adds a randomized organic behavior to each unison voice, ideal for analog emulation and vintage patches. It's comparable to the heat dependent properties of analog component and adds small inaccuracies to add unique characteristics.

Filter Wizardry
There are three new lowpass filters. The designs of these filters are based on analog architectures and implement a more intricate feedback drive and resonance behavior:

Reverb Magic
Four new spatial types extend the existing reverb by adding a new internal early and late reflection model and smooth the spectral impulse and frequency decay. They simulate different space sizes from small (Nuclear) to very large (Space):

Rapid FX
It's now possible to use Rapid as effect plugin. The "Effect" version is an additional plugin and will be installed alongside the normal Rapid Synthesizer plugin and also includes a basic set of 93 effect presets. They can easily add very complex motion to mixer, insert or send channels and are ideally suited for build ups, drops and other track highlights.

Here is the complete change log.






Price: 179.99€.

KVR Audio, Inc.