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Stone Voices releases Ambient Reverb 5.0 for Windows VST
12th November 2019

Stone Voices has announced the release of Ambient Reverb 5.0 for Windows in VST2 and VST 3 formats.

Stone Voices says:

"The high-quality reverberator of Ambient Reverb is intended first of all for operation with sound material in a ambient genre, though with success it can be applied also in other musical styles and the directions (for example for a vocal very excellently)."

"Distinctive feature of a plug-in is the broad range of reverberation time (up to 100 seconds) that allows to receive types of reverberation, different on character, and also an opportunity in a literal sense to freeze sounds, at the same time to receive interesting sound pads, like Frippertronics. The reverberator of Ambient Reverb works by the principle of algorithmic reverberation with calculation enough the dense sound reflections on time, allowing to receive realistic reverberation without effect of granularity."


Price: $20.

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