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Puremagnetik releases Parallax | Frequency Orbiting Station for Mac & Win VST & AU
19th November 2019

Sound design company and experimental music label Puremagnetik has released Parallax - a unique effect that is part vocoder and part echo/reverb matrix.

Parallax can create subtle, modulating filter effects that swell and transform through rich, algorithmic spaces. At its heart is a 10-band filterbank that can be shifted in real time to bring out resonances, shift tonal balance and animate specific frequencies. The output of the filter stage is processed by a simple yet effective delay line and algorithmic blurring. With these two chains of processors sounds can be completely resculpted, transformed and reconfigured in frequency and spatial balance.

Video: YouTube/zxV1antqc-M

Intro Price: $9.00 (Reg. $20).

Minimum Requirements:

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