Gothic Instruments release "Artistic Impulses" by sound designer Alessandro Camnasio

25th November 2019

Gothic instruments has released Artistic Impulses, an expansion pack containing 222 creative impulse responses for convolution reverbs by sound designer Alessandro Camnasio whose movie trailer credits include Avengers Endgame, Lion King, Captain Marvel, Jumanji and many more blockbusters.

These impulses add instant eerie and beautiful power to instruments, slams, drums, vocals and anything else you put them through.

You can load these impulse responses into Altiverb, SIR3, Reverberate LE, Steinberg REVerence, Waves IR-1, Voxengo Pristine, Space, and Reaper's ReaVerb.

Available now with a Black Friday-worthy intro discount of 50% (€49.00).


KVR Audio, Inc.