Cableguys CrushShaper Rhythmic Bitcrusher | Vintage Lo-Fi | Multiband Enhancer - Free if you own ShaperBox 2 Bundle

19th December 2019

Cableguys has announced the release of CrushShaper, a new Rhythmic Bitcrusher, Vintage Lo-Fi, Multiband Enhancer plug-in for macOS and Windows, which is free if you already own ShaperBox 2 Bundle.

Or, for new customers:

Here's what they say:

Designed to inspire you in ways no ordinary bitcrusher can, CrushShaper is powered by Cableguys' easy drawable LFOs and flexible envelope followers. Now you can create unique digital distortion patterns, per-note multiband crushing, and crunchy downsampled grooves in just a few clicks.

3 Bitcrushing Flavours
CrushShaper puts 3 distinct bitcrushing styles at your full control:

  1. Crunch for fuzz, grind and grit.
  2. Bits to reduce audio resolution, going 8-bit and beyond.
  3. Resample for digital overtones and lo-fi retro sound.

Animate each with its own custom LFO and envelope follower, then filter and layer with the dry signal using the handy FX Mix section.

For Production & Sound Design
Use CrushShaper to craft crunchy lo-fi melodies and retro videogame FX. Create 'talking' robot synths, gnarly speaker-rattling bass growls and old-school downsampled drums. Transform even the plainest loops into inspirational track-starting rhythms to fuel your next track.

For Mixing
Deploy CrushShaper as a laser-targeted multiband mix tool: crush individual hits and frequency ranges in a loop, add treble sizzle and shine to vocals and hi-hats, rough up the lows in a bass, dynamically distort drum transients, and so much more.

CrushShaper runs in Cableguys' new ShaperBox 2 multieffects VST/AU plugin – use CrushShaper on its own, or stack it with your other Shapers for elaborate multilayered effects.

Try it out: Download the demo and test CrushShaper in your own tracks.


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