AudioKit releases "Hey Metronome" voice-activated metronome for iOS

23rd December 2019

AudioKit has announced the release of Hey Metronome, a new voice-activated Metronome for iOS. It allows you to play and practice hands-free using voice commands. It's now available in the app store for a special 99 cent intro price.

This is the first music app to use the new on-device voice recognition from Keen Research. This allows Hey Metronome to process voice commands without the internet. There's no need for Siri or Alexa. Everything is done on your phone.

Violinists never have to take their hands off their bow. Guitarists can keep their hands on their strings. Effortless play and productivity—all without touching a device.

Hey Metronome includes exclusive sound design from multi-platinum producers. You'll experience drum beats, classic booming drum machines, and sounds designed to inspire and limit ear fatigue.


There's also an open-source and education aspect. The metronome engine source code will be available as part of a free coding tutorial series, teaching students and enthusiasts how to build their own music app.

Hey Metronome is available now for a special intro offer of $0.99 in the App Store.

Watch Grammy-winners Roger Linn & Henny tha Bizness demonstrate how to use Hey Metronome: YouTube.com/watch?v=SYGk_VExEuA

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