Sender Spike releases Signal Noise SN05-G Brickwall Limiter for Win/VST2 (Free) and upgrades previous Signal Noise releases

3rd January 2020

Sender Spike has announced the release of Signal Noise SN05-G Brickwall Limiter for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms in VST2 format.

SN05-G is a straightforward sample peak brickwall limiter best suited for mix bus as the final sound-processing insert in the signal chain, but it can be easily used to treat individual channels as well. Its features are intentionally sparse, so you may concentrate on the sound rather than the tool.


Price: Free.

With this release also comes an overall upgrade to Signal Noise line of plug-ins, adding new features, improved interaction and also look. For details visit the developer's page.

KVR Audio, Inc.