PlugInGuru releases Unify VST/AU Instrument Plug-in

18th January 2020

PlugInGuru has released Unify, a flexible plug-in for working with MIDI effects, Instruments and Audio Effects in a sleek "Unified" single screen interface. It comes with 400 patches and over 2.5GB of samples from PlugInGuru's 12 sample-based libraries that were originally found in libraries for Omnisphere 2.

Unify Installs it's own VST folder with a special set of PlugIn instruments so that you don't even need to scan your plug-ins and all 400 patches work.

Here's what they say:

Say hello to a New WAY of working with Plug-ins of all types. Unify can work with MIDI Effects, Instruments and Audio Effects in super creative fun ways. The Image above shows 2 MIDI Effects (in Yellow – also note that each MIDI Effect is actually running 2 MIDI Effects and could easily run more if you want to experiment), 3 Layers (in Green and each Instrument Layer also has a audio effect "channel strip" that can be loaded with an unlimited number of audio effects – drag and drop to change the order of the effects), 1 Aux Buss (in Blue) and the Master Channel (in a nice Royal Magenta color).

Unify Comes in VST, VST3 and Standalone for PC and Mac (Mac version also includes an Audio Unit version of Unify). Any format of plug-in can load other formats of plug-ins – meaning the Audio Unit version can load VST3 and VST plug-ins while you're using it in Logic Pro X.

PlugInGuru continues:

We talked to a number of small (like us) developers who have made some rather amazing free plug-ins in the last 20 years and received their blessing to include their plug-ins and audio effects – along with our own Guru Sample Player and 14 Effects we built ourselves so that Unify ships with 400 ready-to-play patches when you install it. BEFORE you even start loading your own plug-ins. That puts Unify in a totally different class than any other multi-plugin: we include 6 Instrument and 40 effect plug-ins that John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl used to make the 400 patches that come with Unify. From simple to complex and everything in-between plus Laurent "AIRWAVE" Veronnez was able to add 30 additional Patches that push the limit on what Unify can do even farther than Skippy did. It's breathtaking what has been created here. I spent 1+ year making this with Shane Dunne (the programmer of all the code in Unify) and I am still in awe at what we have created.

Unify is $59 until February 15th, 2020, then it will sell for $79.


KVR Audio, Inc.