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European Sound Collective releases Deep Forest for Omnisphere 2
23rd January 2020

Triple Spiral Audio has released Deep Forest for Omnisphere 2.

The ESC Deep Forest soundset for Omnisphere 2 is crafted with use from the personal samples of Eric Mouqet from the musical group Deep Forest and contains 119 presets, 20 multis and 113 soundsources.

The soundset contains a rich variety of Arps, Basses, Keys, Synths and Textural sounds in the vein of Deep Forest. You can expect sounds with a love for nature, some good experimental sounds and above all a large variety of very interesting analog sounds.

Price: €22.95 (MSRP €29.95 - all price are with VAT included) till 7 February via the Triple Spiral Audio website.

Audio demos: SoundCloud.com/triplespiralaudio/sets/esc-deep-forest-demos

Walkthrough Video: YouTube.com/watch?v=3TuhetkfgFU

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