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2getheraudio releases V1nylla, a VST, AU, AAX effects plugin which emulates the sound of vinyl record players while introducing new sonic possibilities with drawable flutter and crackle modes
24th January 2020

2getheraudio has released V1nylla, an audio effects plugin that gives any audio track or full mix the characteristic sound of vintage records.

V1nylla includes Start and Stop pitch and time shifting controls and the ability to draw your flutter and crackle shapes using your mouse. The flutter and crackle draw modes also allow for some unusual modulation effects when pushed to their extremes. This, alongside V1nylla's other controls for hiss level and tone, flutter and scratch levels and turntable speed control, give producers a wealth of tonal choices over their vinyl simulation.

2getheraudio's Jennifer Hruska says:

The sound of vinyl is definitely back in popularity and gaining more momentum each day. Not only are vinyl record stores gaining traction again, but popular music acts are releasing their music on vinyl once again. "I've been to a number of recent music concerts where vinyl records take up a large part of the band's merchandise table. Clearly their fans are asking for it. To make things a bit more interesting, we added two draw modes for flutter and crackle which when pushed to their extremes also allow for some unusual sound design.

Price: V1nylla is sold under 2getheraudio's Pay-What-You-Want (min $10) business model where 10% can go to a charity of your choice. It has support for all 64-bit VST, AU, AAX supported digital audio workstations (DAWs). A free trial is available on the 2getheraudio website.

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