GBR Loops releases Morsing Jaw (Jew's) Harp for Kontakt

10th February 2020

GBR Loops has announced the release of Morsing Professional Jaw (Jew's) Harp for Kontakt.

GBR Loops says:

It is known by many names like mukharshanku, mourching, morching or Morchangmukharshanku, mourching, morching ormorchang, in English it is Called Jaw harp. GBR Loop's team has made it very well. We have carefully considered its various aspects. Playable instruments and 107 loops in WAV and nki format and some log phrases inside it. It's very useful for them, whose style is world music.

GBR Loops made it in standard tone. Its basic feature ADSR, Reverb Filter Cut-off, Lo-fi Arpeggio or poly step makes it great. You can make your own pattern, loops very comfortably in it. This instruments mainly used in Rajasthan, in the Carnatic music of South India, and in Sindh, in Pakistan but nowadays due to globalization of the world, the jaw harp used in China, Russia, Norway, Iran, Germany, France Italy, Hungary, Lithuania. We hope you will like it.


Price: $35.

KVR Audio, Inc.