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accusonus Flash Sale on Audio Repair & Improvement Plug-in Bundles - ERA 4 Standard & Pro
19th February 2020

Until 26th February, 2020, accusonus is offering discounts in its audio repair and improvement plug-in bundles, ERA 4 Standard and PRO.

Time-limited personal offers are also available for existing users.

Using technology that simply wasn't there before, the ERA 4 Bundles offer both fast workflows and high-quality processing and they are the go-to toolkit for both entry-level and professional users who need agile audio repair. They are compatible with all major DAWs and NLEs.

The ERA 4 Bundle Standard includes six single-knob tools one for each of the following audio issues: background noise, reverb, uneven audio levels, harsh esses, plosives and clipping.

The ERA 4 Bundle Pro includes all of the plug-ins from the Standard Bundle, and adds two extra tools: the ERA De-Esser PRO, a sophisticated, yet fast and easy to use de-essing plug-in, as well as ERA D, an exceptionally effective tool that deals with noise and reverb at the same time, taking into account their natural counter-interaction.

ERA Bundle 4 Standard:

ERA Bundle 4 Pro:

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