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HelloSamples releases Lo-Fi Birdy Beats
20th February 2020

HelloSamples has released Lo-Fi Birdy Beats, a new sound pack built around guitar lo-fi samples. Here is what they say:

We arranged a recording session with a guitarist surrounded by a vast assortment of pedals, external FX and old cassette recorders. Playing with subtle reverb changes, adding some delay, reversing the sound, detuning things a bit and even flirting with hard pitch shifting. Once the session was over, we loaded all those samples inside our favourite samplers (an old cassette recorder, octatrack and sp404) and ended up re-sampling the whole collection adding an extra lo-fi vibe to them.

We finally ended up building some heavy textured beats and performed the last touches to tracks with fx, some acoustic instruments details and synths, nurturing the library's sound palette.

Library content:

Price: 30€.

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