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Kilohearts releases Dynamics (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin) with 50% off introductory price
25th February 2020

Kilohearts has announced Dynamics, a classic compressor, upward compressor, and expander in a single plugin. This allows you to process the quietest part of your sound and the loudest part individually, resulting in either very transparent control of volume, or full domination of your dynamic range.

Price: $29 - Available at half-price from the Kilohearts website until February the 29th. Kilohearts subscribers can add Dynamics to their collection immediately and only need to update their software to the latest version using the Kilohearts installer. Previous Toolbox owners can log in and check their upgrade offers to add Dynamics to their collection.

Kilohearts Snapins are regular effects that work as standalone plugins as well as modules in Kilohearts' Snapin Hosts; Phase Plant (a unique hybrid modular synthesizer), Multipass (a multiband multi-fx processor) and Snap Heap (a free serial/parallel multi-fx processor). Snapins can be purchased individually or in bundles. All previously owned snapins contribute to further discounts on the bundles.


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