Audio Media Research releases new ReValver Amp Clones and ACT instrument models

16th March 2020

Audio Media Research has announced the release of four new add-ons to its flagship ReValver amp modeling software. Included in this release are two new ReValver ACT Combo Amp Clones, as well as two new ACT Instrument models.

There's a world of tone to be discovered in the new ACT amp clones, which cover the gamut from shimmering cleans to classic crunch to full-on high gain glory. The new amp clones are:

The new ReValver ACT Combo Amp Clones:

This amp clone package features not only standard amp clones which model the amp and cab, but also "DI" clones which only model the amp, allowing you to use the ReValver cabinet modelers to dial in the exact sound you are looking for. Also featured are clones "boosted" with overdrive pedals.

The new Input ACT instrument models clone some of the most sought-after boutique instruments available today:

The new releases are available today at www.audiomediaresearch.com/new-product priced at $4.99 / $5.99.

KVR Audio, Inc.