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United Plugins releases Autoformer Dynamic Plugin with 70% Intro Discount
20th March 2020

SounDevice Digital (part of United Plugins) has released Autoformer, a new dynamic plugin that treats audio in three stages.

Autoformer was created to save your time and treat your tracks' dynamics with minimum effort. It was made to improve your tracks and also to fix unbalanced performances. To iron the dynamic imperfections.

Autoformer features a responsive photorealistic 3D graphic user interface divided into three sections that represent the processing stages:

SounDevice Digital says:

Autoformer is an ideal companion for mixing both bass guitar and double bass performances. It is indispensable when creating vocal or voice-over tracks. But it can be also used to balance drum records. Frankly, you can use it on any track.

Pricing & Availability

Autoformer is compatible with major VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS. The price is set to €99/$110 but until April 6 you can get it with a 70% discount (€29/$33).

A 15-days fully working unlimited trial version is available.

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