App Sound releases "Repro Pack" bundle for u-he Repro

26th March 2020

App Sound has released Repro Pack a sound set for the software synths u-he Repro-1 and Repro-5. It's based on the two individual App Sound sets "Phrase Universe" and "Two Worlds".

The focus is on melodic and other monophonic phrases, baselines and arpeggios. The bank for the Repro-5 includes warm and spacious pads. It's a musical inspiration for a wide range of styles - from 80ies Synth Pop, 90ies Techno up to contemporary pop and electronic music.

All 200 sounds are carefully designed and take advantage of the complete effect section of Repro-1/5. The modulation wheel and velocity allow intuitive control.


Price: 25.00 €.



KVR Audio, Inc.