Xhun Audio releases Mono Scapes (expansion for LittleOne) with an Introductory Offer

27th April 2020

Xhun Audio has released Mono Scapes, a collection of 62 multi-genre presets for LittleOne featuring monophonic motions leads, evolving sound effects, evocative sequences and single-key gated lines specially suited for Electronic, Ambient and New Age compositions.

Expansion Details:

Price: €19.

This Expansion is available now from the online Xhun Audio Shop.

By joining the currently running Home Sweet Home Special Offer, it can be purchased for the time limited, introductory price of €9.90 (50% off).

This Expansion is also included in The Whole, a complete collection of all the Expansions released by Xhun Audio for LittleOne synthesizer.

For more details, please visit the online Shop or accede the User Area section (for Registered Users only) on Xhun Audio website.

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