Venomode updates Phrasebox to v1.0.3 - Adding MIDI file drag and drop, and multi-channel support

12th April 2020

Venomode has updated Phrasebox to version 1.0.3, adding support for exporting phrases, and multi-channel notes.

With the new drag and drop feature, you can now drag a MIDI file onto the piano roll and automatically have the phrase applied. You can then drag the resulting MIDI file into your DAW.

In addition, each row can now be set to a different MIDI channel, allowing more complex routing and control of instruments. n.b. Some DAWs don't support this and will simply output all notes on channel 1.

Changes since 1.0.2:

Price: £49. The update is free for existing users, and can be downloaded from the Venomode website.

KVR Audio, Inc.