Vienna Symphonic Library releases SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings library of six string instruments

16th April 2020

The Vienna Symphonic Library has released SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings, a collection of two violins, one viola, two cellos and one double bass, based on Vienna's Collections VI Solo Strings I, Solo Violin 2 and Solo Cello 2, offering a completely overhauled sample database that's optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.

SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings comes with the same number of deep sampled articulations as the original VI Solo Strings I, with a clearly laid out and color coded structure in the Synchron Player for a great overview and quick access to the vast choice of playing techniques. During production, the team's goal was to improve each instrument's playability and realism even more, which they say was achieved by enhancing the sample recordings as well as utilizing the Synchron Player's unique features.

One of the major improvements is made possible by the Synchron Player's time-stretch feature. Now it's possible to change the speed of vibrato, tremolos, trills, portamentos, etc., in real-time using a MIDI controller, e.g., by assigning a CC controller to the Synchron Player's "Stretch Factor" fader. Users can even speed up or slow down pre-recorded scale runs while they're playing back or automatically sync them to the host tempo.

Harnessing the Synchron Player's new release sample technology and adding a variety of optimized release sounds to a lot of articulations greatly increases their range of use. Short notes ring out authentically depending on the body resonance and the note's volume. Long and medium length notes such as détaché, portato, crescendos and diminuendos can be played shorter than their recorded length and are still automatically provided with authentic release sounds. This way, for instance, it's possible to use the first part of crescendo notes as soft portato articulations, or the first part of diminuendo notes as an espressivo technique with a slight decrescendo that sounds very musical and natural.

The reverberation and placement presets created by Synchron Stage sound engineers combine customized impulse responses and Vienna MIR technology with expertly crafted reverb settings for each instrument so they are placed perfectly in the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna. Users can also turn off the Player's convolution reverb and algorithmic reverb and place the dry samples in any other environment. By adding the ambience of Synchron Stage Vienna's Stage A to the dry samples in real-time, SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings perfectly blend with any other product of Vienna's Synchron Series, resulting in a production-ready sound "out of the box".

The new product is currently available at an introductory price of $518 (reg. $649). Introductory crossgrade prices for users of VI Solo Strings libraries are available.

KVR Audio, Inc.