Electronik Sound Lab RT-7070, Atmos 2 & Drumart SLD are now free

27th June 2020

Electronik Sound Lab has announced that the plugins RT-7070, Atmos 2 and Drumart SLD, are now free.

RT-7070 is a free VST3/VST/AU drum ROMpler for Windows & Mac inspired by the classic TR-707 containing 20 drum kits: One original 707 and 19 kits, treated with an arsenal of modern and vintage dynamic processors and effects, to give you maximum variety. Original kit recorded by Ala@n Valdez.


Atmos 2 is a free ambient piano plugin instrument for Windows & Mac. Atmos piano contains a processed piano layer and another layer with the original recording.


Drumart SLD is the new free version of SL Drums 3 (discontinued) for Windows & Mac. Drumart SLD contains 84 kits focused on urban music.


KVR Audio, Inc.