App Sound releases "Hydra Galaxy" for the ASM Hydrasynth (Keyboard and Desktop) with 30% introductory discount

1st July 2020

App Sound has released Hydra Galaxy, a sound pack for the hardware synth ASM Hydrasynth (Keyboard and Desktop model).

Here's what they say:

The 80 patches are very well suited for all kinds of spherical electronic and pop music. This collection shows some possibilities of wavetable synthesis and can be stylistically classified between classic synth sounds and modern electronic sounds. There are many spherical rhythmic sounds, which are produced with the arpeggiator and the LFOs.

All 80 sounds are carefully designed and take advantage of the complete synthesis engine and the effects of the ASM Hydrasynth (OS 1.4 or later). It's a good starting point for creating your own musical phrases and sequences.


Price: 15 Euro + VAT.



KVR Audio, Inc.