Venomode updates Phrasebox to v1.0.8 - New playback mode and improved piano roll

13th July 2020

Venomode has released Phrasebox version 1.0.8. This update overhauls the piano roll section, and adds a new playback mode.

The piano roll now features feedback when hovering over notes, highlighting the note and the relevant velocity slider. This update also makes it easier to select the correct slider when multiple are stacked, plus you can now draw over the velocity sliders by holding the shift key.

The new playback mode allows the phrase to be unlinked from the DAW timeline. When not synced, the phase starts playing when you play notes and stops when you release them. This new mode also offers a one-shot mode that only plays the phrase once.

Changes since 1.0.7:

Price: The update is free for existing users. Phrasebox is currently on sale for £29 (RRP £49) and the sale ends Monday 20th July.

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