Impact Soundworks releases inSIDious - Virtual SID Synthesizer by Mike Clarke

15th July 2020

Impact Soundworks has released inSIDious, a virtual synth recreation of the iconic SID chip made popular in the Commodore 64 home computer.

Created by Mike Clarke, a veteran game audio designer and SID expert, this plugin accurately models two SID chip variations (6581 and 8580) with three digital oscillators, a global analog-modeled filter, and per-channel modulators, sequencers, and envelopes.

All behaviors of the SID are carefully and precisely emulated, allowing users to produce music & sound matching actual hardware (of which, 4 SID chips were used as comparison during development.) It is also possible to bend the chip beyond its original limitations, with additional tweaking options and features that allow for never-before-heard SID sounds to be created.

The synth, which is powered by Reaktor 6 Player and fully NKS compatible, also includes 350 snapshots in categorized banks including 8 Artist Banks of retro & modern sounds. Well-known Commodore 64 composers and artists such as Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Chris Huelsbeck, LMan, and Jammer have all contributed and lent their endorsement to inSIDious.

Price: $64 MSRP - $49 through the end of July 2020.



KVR Audio, Inc.