KV331 Audio announces SynthMaster Track Contest with $1500 cash prizes and more

22nd July 2020

KV331 Audio has announced their annual "SynthMaster Track Contest" with $1500 cash and software licenses prizes:

The rules of the contest are:

  1. Any licensed user of SynthMaster, SynthMaster One, SynthMaster One iOS, SynthMaster Player, SynthMaster Player Free or SynthMaster Player for iOS can enter this contest.
  2. The submitted track should be between 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. The following can be used during the production of the track:
    1. External effects.
    2. Vocals / vocal samples.
    3. Drum samples / drum synths.
    4. Acoustic instruments / sample libraries of acoustic instruments are allowed in a limited fashion: Up to 20% of the tracks in your project file can contain acoustic instruments or sample libraries.
  4. External synths (hardware or software, doesn't matter) are not allowed to be used during the production of the track.
  5. Presets from SynthMaster expansions or user presets can be used. Participants can request the two free preset banks they'd like to use in their track during the track contest period.
  6. Participants are encouraged to design their own presets as user presets will have up to 10% weight during final voting.
  7. Participants are encouraged to shoot videos of their projects and share on Instagram/YouTube as video content will have up to 10% weight during final voting. The Instagram videos must feature the following tags in their descriptions: #synthmaster #synthmasterone #synthmasterplayer #vst #vsti #ios #auv3 #synth #songcontest #musicproduction. Participants can publish as many Instagram videos as they like during their music production process.
  8. The song links should be submitted to KV331 Audio by August 16, after being uploaded to file sharing services like Dropbox or Google Drive. The song should be in 320kbits/sec, 44.1kHz stereo MP3 format. While submitting the song links, participants should also include the following information as well:
    1. Name of the DAW application.
    2. Names of the presets used in their song.
    3. Custom presets they designed during the making of their track, if there's any. (not mandatory but will earn up to 10% extra points.).
    4. YouTube link of their project video, if there's any. (not mandatory but will earn up to 10% extra points.).
  9. Participants should use KV331 Audio's 'contact us' page for submitting the necessary information.
  10. All songs will be uploaded to a new playlist on KV331 Audio's SoundCloud channel and announced on their Facebook channel between August 17-August 20.
  11. Public voting for the tracks will take place on KV331 Audio's SoundCloud channel between August 21-August 31. Only likes on the SoundCloud tracks will be counted towards public voting. There will also be a private judge voting for the tracks. The judges will be determined by KV331 Audio internal team. The breakdown of the voting will be as follows:
    1. 40% public voting.
    2. 40% private judge voting.
    3. 10% Instagram/YouTube video content.
    4. 10% custom preset design.
  12. The Top 10 results will be announced until September 15 and cash prizes will be paid in 7 business days via PayPal or wire transfer, after receiving an invoice from the corresponding winner.
  13. User presets will be released on KV331 Audio's public user library (cloud) after the contest.
  14. KV331 Audio will require the Top 10 contestants to submit their DAW project files for the following purposes:
    1. to verify that the track has been created exclusively with KV331 Audio products.
    2. to create promotional content.
  15. For those interested among the Top 10 contestants, KV331 Audio will publish an online album on streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) after the tracks have been professionally mixed and mastered by our partner Mehmet Ugur Memis, who is the founder of Mars Recording Studios. The contestants will have to submit printed track stems for this purpose.

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