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2getheraudio releases Space Duck - Ducking delay and reverb processor with built-in filters and effects

29th July 2020

2getheraudio has released Space Duck, an audio effects plugin for adding creative reverb and delay effects to guitar, vocal, drums, cinematic and other audio tracks.

At the heart of Space Duck's processing are individual reverb and delay effects processors, each with a ducking circuit that detects the level of incoming audio and ducks, or reduces, the reverb and delay effect while other audio is playing. When the incoming audio level drops, the reverb and delay are allowed to pass through, much like sidechaining a bass and kick drum track. The result is a cleaner and more professional mix.

In addition to the ducking circuit, Space Duck adds filters and effects, including a fractal delay, modulation, granulator, formant filter, decimator, bit crusher and high and low pass filters. Altogether, an unlimited number of one-of-a-kind effects are possible, making Space Duck perfect for sound designers, game developers and producers looking to elevate their music tracks.

Jennifer Hruska, founder of 2getheraudio and Professor of Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music, says:

I have to admit I was little skeptical about this plugin when it was first introduced to me, but I'm a huge fan now after using it on some productions. The ducking circuit is quick and easy to use and the additional built-in effects yield some really creative results I wouldn't have conceived of otherwise.

Price: Space Duck is released under 2getheraudio's Pay-What-You-Want business model so all musicians, regardless of their ability to pay, have access to this software. A free trial is available at 2getheraudio.com/effects/space-duck

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