Orchestral Tools releases Metropolis Ark and Berlin Orchestra Inspire SINE bundles

11th August 2020

Orchestral Tools has announced its first two product bundles: The Metropolis Ark SINE Bundle includes Metropolis Ark 1 and Metropolis Ark 2—two very different but complementary takes on dramatic cinematic sound. The Berlin Orchestra Inspire SINE Bundle includes Inspire 1 and 2.

Metropolis Ark 2 and Inspire 2 are now both updated to run in the SINE player.

They say:

Metropolis Ark 1 and 2 focus on distinctive elements from the orchestral spectrum. Metropolis Ark 1 is bold, loud, and monumental—an orchestral library specially configured to deliver awe-inspiring musical moments. In contrast to its originator, Metropolis Ark 2 shines the spotlight into the darkest cinematic depths. Deep, wide, and low, the instruments and voices focus on the quiet, intense, and sinister sounds only found in the lower dynamic ranges, drawing power from the unexplored reaches of orchestral composition.

Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1 and 2 offer a full, free-flowing orchestral sketchbook, perfect for laptop-based composers and artists on the move. Inspire 1 gives you a full range of strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion, plus harp, grand piano, and more—all in a carefully streamlined package. Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 expands upon the fast-flowing creative freedom of its predecessor with an emotional and atmospheric approach, adding melodic and harmonic colors, perfect for underscoring and capturing ideas fast.


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