Puremagnetik releases Parsec | 3D Perception Creature

13th August 2020

Music software manufacturer Puremagnetik has released Parsec, a spatial manipulation device designed to make sounds scatter throughout the stereo field in 3 dimensions.

Using minute phase offsets and filtering, Parsec takes sounds and distributes them throughout the X, Y and Z coordinates of spatial perception. Accurately adjust their location or use modulators to wildly throw them around the room.

Parsec can also be used as an effect with studio speakers or in binaural mode for precise trajectory encoding with headphones. Experimental sound designers, foley mixers and game composers can use binaural mode to craft their content for deployment in head-spinning 3D space.

Price: $20 USD - Parsec is currently offered as part of Puremagnetik's Spark subscription for $9 per month.


KVR Audio, Inc.