MOK updates Waverazor to v2.5.0

22nd August 2020

MOK has updated Waverazor to version 2.5.0, a free update for all users. They say:

Waverazor 2.5 is a great big update. 3 new effects, like Reverb, Dual Stereo Delay and TapLines, along with new filter building blocks, such as Comb and All Pass filters for building customized effect chains, with more beat syncing options in all Effects. New modulation sources, including a Multi-line Step Generator, Flexible Random Generator, and S&H capabilities added to all modulators. The linux build has also been updated to better support newer distributions along with a slew of minor features and bug fixes on all platforms.

Download the latest version of Waverazor from the Tracktion Marketplace.

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