UVI releases Shade - Creative filter and EQ, with introductory offer

24th September 2020

UVI has released Shade, a filter and EQ with 35 shapes and advanced modulation, with special intro pricing and free trial.

UVI says:

Shade is a creative filter, mixing, and EQ tool with 35 shapes including transparent digital, analog-modeled, and multi-resonant, a powerful drag-n-drop modulation system with 9 types including LFO, Follower, Figure, MSEG, Spread, Envelope, Macro, and XY, with one-to-many and many-to-one targeting and cross-modulation, fully-multichannel filters and modulators, dynamic effects with sidechain, customizable envelope triggering, low CPU usage, zero latency processing, multi-selection editing, resizable UI, and a lightning-fast workflow.

With 35 unique filter types and a powerful modulation engine Shade can handle anything from EQ and mix tasks such as transparent balancing and shaping with tilt, high-pass, low-pass, shelf, peak and notch filters, dynamic EQ, and resonance reduction, to creative filtering duties such as adding hardware warmth with analog-modeled nonlinear filters, phaser and flanger effects, comb filtering, and any imaginable dynamic or sequence-based effects thanks to fully editable envelope followers, MSEGs and more.

Shade was designed with extremely versatile high-quality filters, resonant shapes have discrete Q-Up and Q-Down controls, all shelf and peak shapes provide fully-continuous slopes up to 2000 dB/ octave, allowing you to transition from subtle to extreme, create soft-knee brickwall filters, and radical mangling and morphing effects like never before, filter shapes were digitized to achieve extremely accurate analog magnitude matching across the high-frequency spectrum delivering fantastic quality without any additional processing cost and all running at zero latency.

Shade features a powerful modulation system with 9 modulators including LFO, Follower, Figure, MSEG, Spread, Envelope, Macro and XY modules. Instance as many as you need, and drag-n- drop the modulation anywhere you want. Practically every parameter in Shade, including those on modulators, can be modulated, and with side-chain inputs and envelope followers nearly anything can be dynamically controlled.

Shade is compatible with current versions of all major DAWs on both Mac and Windows platforms (VST, AU, and AAX). A single license includes 3 activations that can be used on any combination of individual computer systems or iLok keys. A free 15-day trial is available.

Intro Price: $79 / 79€ through October 31st, 2020 at uvi.net (Reg. $129 / 129€).

Watch the Shade overview video: YouTube.com/watch?v=YdNOCcm0jl0

Listen to Shade: SoundCloud.com/uvi-official/sets/shade

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