sonicLAB updates VOLBot Stochastic Modulator to v2.1

25th September 2020

sonicLAB has released a new update for its VOLBot stochastic intensity modulator and complex CV generator audio plugin.

Here's what they say:

VOLBot has a rich time domain modulation scheme operating on various parameters of an LFO. The modulation sources are various continuous and discrete types of probability distributions, standard waveforms with stochastic offset leveling and high&low limiters with dynamic transparency.

With the distributed audio plugin architecture of sonicLAB, you are able to control an entire fleet of DAW audio tracks together in real time with your parameter controls on the VOLBot server communicating with VOLBot clients on other tracks.


VOLBot v2.1 comes as VST3 and AU plugin formats for OS X and Windows systems.

The price is 59Euros and can be purchased at sonicLAB shop, an iLOK account is required. A demo version can be requested.


KVR Audio, Inc.