Rast Sound releases "Motif" Music Generator for Kontakt

25th September 2020

Rast Sound has released Motif, a music and melody generator for Kontakt, saying:

Motif will help you create unique ideas/melodies on the go for selected key, scale and emotion empowered by a state-of-the-art possibility algorithm. When you are happy with what you hear, drag to MIDI to use with your ready to go sounds.

We expect Motif to become your beloved assistant when you need fast spark, a supporting third hand, a quick second idea or even a from-the-scratch music generator when times get tough.

Emotions, Scales & Keys

Motif lets you select either a scale or an emotion for any key and uses a smart algorithm within that scale to create a unique melody. You can re-click on the scale or emotion until you like a melody and call it a day or drag to MIDI to further build on the melody into a song.

Layers, Steps & Smart Possibility Algorithm

Motif comes with one main (the one in the middle) and two side layers (low-left & hi-right octaves). One layer might seem enough to create melodies but we have seen creating with more voices lets you create harmonic possibilities and time variance selecting different step lengths for different octaves. So you can have a main melody playing with 16th step while the bass and the hi layers accompany the main melody with lower or higher step lengths, just like different parts of a music piece.

All layers are powered with cascade possibility algorithms where you can adjust how frequently each layer "should" play. Each layer also comes with a menu where you can select 11 different sound presets and with volume (white fader), probability to play (blue fader), pan, tune and filter knobs.


Motif comes with 3 different intelligent macro modes to trigger different melody/music generation processes. The Harmonic Mode will create a unique melody for the main layer and adjust other layers to the essential harmonies of the main layer, designed for creating more streamlined multi voice music. The Multi Mode creates unique melodies for each layer, great for complex sounding tunes. The Solo Mode lets only one layer play at a given time, just like a virtuoso.

Intro Price: €59 until October 8 (Reg. €89).



KVR Audio, Inc.