Accusonus releases ERA 5 Plugin Bundles & SFX Cellar Sound Library

29th September 2020

Accusonus has announced the release of the ERA 5 Plugin Bundles, which significantly speed up and simplify audio post workflows, and a new SFX Cellar sound library that offers unlimited royalty-free sound effects.

The new ERA 5 Bundle Standard now features 9 plugins:

ERA 5 Bundle Standard adds 3 new plugins:

  1. ERA Voice AutoEQ is a tool that automates the audio equalization process. It helps you instantly fix muddy recordings and make your voice track standout in the mix.
  2. ERA Voice Deepener is a plugin designed to add warmth and depth to voice recordings. It helps you make your voice sound less like it was recorded, and more like how it sounds when you hear yourself talking.
  3. ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant makes your audio workflow even faster and smarter by hosting and adding preset chains of the ERA single-dial plugins.

In addition, all existing ERA plugins have been improved and the new engines can now handle even more complex audio repair cases.

ERA 5 Bundle Pro includes all of the plugins from the Standard Bundle, and adds 4 advanced plugins for multi-band processing. Therefore, the new ERA 5 Bundle Pro now features 13 audio tools in total - everything included in ERA Bundle Standard, plus:

The new Noise Remover Pro and Reverb Remover Pro offer refined spectral controls that allow you to dig deeper into your sound and get tailored processing on key frequency ranges. The brand new Room Tone Match identifies the background ambience under speech and helps you seamlessly "stitch" and even out different ambience beds.

The plugins of the Pro Bundle offer ultimate spectral control without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

SFX Cellar is described as "the most affordable content platform for high-quality royalty-free sound effects". Background ambiences, nature and weather sounds, transitions, impacts, whooshes, UI effects, thuds, cinematic soundscapes and more, "will make your audio and video content stand out".

SFX Cellar features tens of thousands of carefully-curated sound effects. Accusonus is committed to add fresh sounds every month to ensure that you will always be up to date with the current trends. Accusonus will also offer continuous updates to the web platform to ensure fast and intelligent sound discovery.

SFX Cellar comes in 2 flavours:

  1. SFX Cellar mp3 (unlimited, royalty-free sound effects in mp3 format).
  2. SFX Cellar Premium (unlimited, royalty-free sound effects in WAV format with metadata).

Pricing & the new accusonus plans

Accusonus ERA 5 Bundles and the SFX Cellar are now available through flexible monthly and yearly plans, depending on each creator's audio needs. The prices are competitive but there's an introductory offer too. Every user who purchases before October 31st will get 25% off the annual subscription prices (lifetime offer).

ERA 5 perpetual licenses are also available and cost $299 and $999 for ERA 5 Bundle Standard and ERA 5 Bundle Pro respectively. Perpetual licenses come with 1 year support and free x5 upgrades.

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