Fanan team releases ScandiSoul VSTi - Nordish Soul Organ Module

29th October 2020

Fanan team has released ScandiSoul, a nordish soul organ module.

ScandiSoul, like its little brother ScandiClavia, is a virtual organ module that works in an open mixer format but contains some extra features.

ScandiSoul's main engines are the two 32-bit oscillators which generate two organ module emulations, each with its own size and color: 1960's style electric blues organ and 1970's style electric jazz organ.

ScandiSould is inspired by the great Nord hardware organ sound, although using a slightly different synthesis approach.

Main features:

Price: included in Fanan team's "Royal Pack" which costs $30.

Demo limitations: 3 seconds of silence every 15 seconds.

KVR Audio, Inc.