sonicLAB releases VOLBot Stochastic Audio Modulator for iOS

2nd November 2020

sonicLAB has announced the release of an iOS version of VOLBot, a stochastic and distributed audio modulator app.

VOLBot is a super LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) which modulates the intensity of its input.

VOLBot iOS (the server) and VOLBot iOS client instances are located on separate DAW audio tracks on usual AUv3 plugin slots and VOLBot communicates remotely with its client instances. With this distributed audio plugin architecture, you will be able to control an entire fleet of DAW tracks together in real time with your parameter controls on the VOLBot iOS communicating with VOLBot clients on other tracks.

VOLBot serves as a complex CV generator too. You can pitch quantize its output with many available tune scales for VCO modulation.

Since a stochastic function generates numbers on random iterations, although each instance of the VOLBot client will be on the same distribution range as the server, it will demonstrate a variation of the intensity modulation created by the VOLBot server. This opens a wide range of creative possibilities for your production. The richness of this variation being created algorithmically will save you a lot of manual experimentation efforts and present possibilities which you wouldn't imagine before.

VOLBot is available for iPad models and can be purchased on the App Store for $8.99. VOLBot client is a free app, also available on the App Store.


KVR Audio, Inc.