2MGT/Metamusic Generative Tools releases Etheric Fields - Virtual Soundscape Generator

25th November 2020

2MGT/Metamusic Generative Tools has released Etheric Fields Virtual Soundscape Generator, a free standalone application for Windows.

This is not a sampler or a player, two generators of randomized wave morphing work inside the program. Each time you turn this program on, it will sound different. Since Etheric Fields can generate non repetitive patterns once initiated it can be thought of as being free running. Patterns are formed randomly, following each other. When one pattern track ends, the next track will automatically start playing after a few seconds. It will continue until you turn off the program.

2MGT says:

When you press "Start" button, you will plunge into the boundless world of the drifting waves woven in sound textures. Depths of the outer space and the touch of the strange worlds, earth and heaven, dark and light sides of the existence – all these are the shades of the sound palette of the Etheric Fields. I recommend as a source of inspiration when you need new ideas.

"Etheric Fields is a generative symphony performed by a choir of Angels and a scanning Radio Telescope" (such a comparison was given by one user of the program).

Etheric Fields has a built-in record function which can be used to save variants of sound patterns that have been generated. Since every replay is always different, recording is a good method to keep a copy of useful sound generation.

2MGT continues:

New ideas are always a challenge to conceive and Etheric Fields is an instrument that will provide greater panoramic possibilities in your music creation endeavours.

Etheric Fields creates the sonic environment for those times when you wish to clear your mind from external distractions.

Etheric Fields is free / donationware and works on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 (32 or 64-bit, although this tool is 32-bit).

KVR Audio, Inc.