Fuse Audio Labs releases VPRE-31A Vintage Germanium Preamp Emulation

16th December 2020

Fuse Audio Labs has released VPRE-31A.

Fuse Audio Labs say:

The VPRE-31A is a straightforward Germanium preamp from the 1960s with loads of power under the hood.

Based on the rare 4-transistor original, this pre is fueled by the special characteristic curve and even harmonic structure only found in Germanium based designs. A custom UTC input transformer has been fitted for completing this massive hot rod.

Some convenient features, namely phase inversion, a continuous drive control, gain compensation, a linear trim control and VU
metering have been added in the digital domain.

Intro Price: $19.00 ($39.00 regular).

Download a fully functional trial at: fuseaudiolabs.com

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