Soundtrack Loops releases "Cyberpunk Unrest MMXXI" sample pack with 40% discount

15th December 2020

Soundtrack Loops has collaborated with Italian producer Belibat to release Cyberpunk Unrest MMXXI. They say:

Cyberpunk Unrest MMXXI comes from our Italian friend Belibat, a visionary producer and Soundtrack Loops veteran. The Belibat sound spans genres, subgenres, eras, and highly specific American and European pop, rock, and classic electronic music influences. His understanding is both comprehensive and completely contemporary, and that's why he can get away with gestures that would come off as cliché in the hands of a less capable producer.

Here on Cyberpunk Unrest, Belibat digs down into the roots of industrial music and comes back with great stuff, scented with electro, cold wave, synthwave and retrowave vibes. You get three ominous and dramatic construction kits and a folder full of one shots that make it easy to assemble instant music right on your timeline. Enjoy drum kit loops with 80s processing, synth bass arpeggiations with a big analog presence, and bass guitar patterns with killer rock tone.

These sounds provide foundations for the included drones and sweeps, melodic structures with atonal counterparts, media samples and more—147 samples in all.

Use Cyberpunk Unrest MMXXI to lay down churning and relentless tracks with the kind of steady forward propulsion that can cut through anything, all riding on the continuum between electronic and rock music forms, and printed with industrial ID.


Price: $25 from the Soundtrack Loops website. It is also on sale in the KVR Marketplace for $15 for a limited time.

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