Sound Magic releases Electric Guitar J for Mac & Win VST & AU

15th January 2021

Sound Magic has released Electric Guitar J, a virtual instrument plugin featuring a Fender Jaguar guitar, powered by Sound Magic's latest Neo Orchestra Hybrid Modelling Engine and Hotone's CDCM technology.

Sound Magic says:

Electric Guitar J features Fender's famous Jaguar guitar that gains its reputation by innovative, versatile and great-sounding. One critical advantage that Jaguar has is its maximum versatile sound. Jaguar can sound decent in any music genres/styles. While other guitars often sound really good at one specific music style, but cannot keep the same level performance in other genres.

Deeply sampled over 16GB uncompressed contents, over 6,700 samples, with multi velocity layers and round robin samples, Electric Guitar J aims at precisely reproducing the versatile electric guitar sound of Jaguar.

Intro Price: $79 until April 15th, 2021 (Reg. $199).

Sound Magic also announced its latest Jaguar Week Sale Event which provides up to 71% off on over 40 instruments and effects plugins until January 18th, 2021.

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