Sonimus releases SonEQ 2 RC1 with Early Access Offer

19th January 2021

Sonimus has announced SonEQ 2 and the release of an early access version, Release Candidate 1.

Sonimus says:

Thousands of possibilities in just one plugin. SonEQ 2 is an innovative modular equalizer that offers users the chance to build their custom analog EQ right in your DAW. Combine up to 16 of its 5 modules in any way you want. Add, delete, and rearrange the EQ bands and find your perfect sound. Each module has been carefully modeled using our Audio Quality Control Process. They combine the best qualities of several equalizers into one single product, making SonEQ 2 more pleasant and analog sounding.


In depth:

Supported platforms:

Early Access Price: $89 (Reg. $129).

KVR Audio, Inc.