Three Body Technology launches Chinese Traditional Virtual Instrument Series

26th January 2021

Three Body Technology has announced the release of a new Chinese Traditional Virtual Instrument Series, describing it as "the deepest sampled ancient Chinese Instrument in the world".

The 5 new products are:

Three Body Technology says:

The original samples and techniques will transport you to the world of ancient China. We are looking forward to exploring the mysterious power and sharing the Yin&Yang with you.

All instruments are available for Windows and MacOS in VST2, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Intro Price: 20% off until February 25th, 2021 (prices start at $47).

World in Gourd - Official Demo song, Bamboo Forest in The Moonlight

Tear of Land - Official Demo song, Goodbye Pluto

Lost Soul - Official Demo song, The Name of Wuxia

Whisper of Loong - Official Demo song, Suzhou Style

Phoenix Scream - Official Demo song, The Lord's Funeral

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