Cinematique Instruments releases Autoharp 3 for Kontakt

15th February 2021

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Autoharp 3.

More than an update, Cinematique Instruments recreated the Autoharp from scratch and included unique new articulations such as Hammer, Thumb, Bowed or Muted as well as new features Glissando, Tremolo and the realistic Strumming Engine.

Each of the Autoharp's 36 strings has been recorded in five different articulations. There are four plucked articulations (Muted, thumb, hammer, rough) and for even more variety we bowed the autoharp with a violin bow. Especially this last articulation creates a unique sound. This gives a wide variety of different sound combinations. You can for example add the muted sounds to the bowed one.

A major goal was to simulate the typical strumming of the autoharp. For this Cinematique Instruments has specially developed a new strumming engine. In a step sequencer you can decide per step if you want to play a note or not or if you want to play the autoharp with dead notes. Of course, all this can be programmed dynamically. But to achieve this typical autoharp strumming feeling, Cinematique Instruments included a strumming speed control that decides at what tempo the individual strummings should occur: From fully quantized to almost glissando. CI says this is exactly what creates a very realistic impression of an autoharp accompaniment.

Furthermore, Cinematique Instruments has also applied the unique glissando function of their Grand Harp, as well as the tremolo known to Cinematique Instruments. There is also a pad function, which allows you to play pad sounds with a long attack and a short function that will shortens your sounds.

Price: 50 EUR.

Walkthrough: YouTube/UmIbYErD3MI

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