Pfundstein Audio Plugins releases "HEY!shouts" and announces End-of-Winter Sale

22nd February 2021

Pfundstein Audio Plugins has released a new plugin called HEY!shouts and is celebrating with an end-of-winter sale of all products at KVR.

Here's what they say:


The new VST3 plugin delivers a set of realistic sounding "HEY" shouts – nothing more, nothing less. Using this plugin is a simple and easy way to ennoble your songs with additional energy without the hassle of recording a crowd yourself. The plugin sound is optimized for rock and metal songs. You can get this mini-plugin with a discount of 33%.

Product trailer: YouTube.com/watch?v=UkcsvRiTEVM

BassLine Buster Std 8

12-String guitars are well known for their great sound. But what about 8-String basses? They are a bit more rare, but they sound very unique and strong. PAP sampled a handcrafted 8-String bass, made by the German luthier company "BassLine" into an virtual instrument for VST3 hosts. Get your hands on this unique sound with a discount of 10% during the end-of-winter sale.

BassLine handcrafted basses

This plugin brings to you the sound of the above mentioned BassLine Buster Std 8 as well as an regular 4-String bass from the same manufacturer - with a discount of 20% at KVR.

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