iZotope updates Spire Studio - Smart recorder

30th March 2021

iZotope have launched the second generation of Spire Studio, an intelligent recording device that connects into the cloud-based Spire ecosystem of recording, production, and collaboration tools. They say:

With Spire, musicians can focus on the joy of creating music rather than the headaches of traditional recording set-ups and gear. A streamlined, intuitive workflow, powered by intelligent audio processing and cloud-based production tools, makes it simple and fun to record ideas, build up tracks, and collaborate with other artists and producers. From start to finish, Spire users have access to creative effects, visual mixing tools, and AI-powered enhancement features that get songs ready for release to fans, friends, and family.

Serving as both a recording studio and a recording engineer, Spire has been adopted by a wide array of critically acclaimed recording artists for their home recording needs.

With the introduction of the new Spire Studio to the Spire ecosystem, musicians can get access to the latest recording hardware, the free Spire companion app for iOS and Android, as well as six free months of Spire Pro for iOS, an exclusive collection of AI-powered features for enhanced sound and creative inspiration. Learn more about the new Spire Studio (2nd Generation) here.

Key features include:

Price: $499 USD MSRP.


KVR Audio, Inc.