sonicLAB releases Thermo, a self regulating tone generator

15th May 2021

sonicLAB has released Thermo, a self regulating hyper oscillator engine inspired by thermodynamic systems. The 4 oscillators of Thermo are in continuous interaction sending each other their signals.

Each oscillator engine checks its environment conditions through analysis and takes decisions, "self regulates", in reaction to these changes applied by the stochastic modulators (7GENs) or by the user through some perturbations called the injections into the system.

sonicLAB says:

Thermo is a synthesizer at the waveform level (not arranging discrete events) exhibiting the basic structure of a thermodynamic engine. The continuous enjeux between regulations and perturbations brings the uniqueness of Thermo offering unheard sonic territories.


Price: 79Euros / 96USD. There is a 25% launch discount until June 7th, 2021, therefore the discount price is 59Euros.

Thermo can be also purchased as part of sonicLAB Oscillator bundle with the Fundamental for 138Euros / 168USD. Rent-To-Own payment is also available.

Further details can be found at the sonicLAB Thermo page.

Thermo comes as VST3, AU and standalone app for Windows and OS X (also Apple M1 compatible) platforms.

All sonicLAB products requires an iLOK account, they can be authorized with iLOK usb dongle, iLOK Cloud and direct to computer authorization.


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