Toontrack releases "Jazz" and "Singer-Songwriter" EZbass MIDI packs

25th May 2021

Toontrack has released two new MIDI packs for EZbass - Jazz and Singer-Songwriter. They cost €29 each.

Here's what they say:

Jazz EZbass MIDI pack

The importance of the bass as a rhythmic and harmonic anchor in jazz can't be emphasized enough. Ever since the upright bass entered the scene in the late 1800s, through the swing and big band eras of the 1920s and 1930s through to when the electric bass finally made its entrance in the 1950s, a solid bassline has been at the heart of the jazz sound.

This collection of EZbass MIDI explores the width of classic jazz. Expect all the comping variations, the walking basslines and the rhythmic figures you need to add that universal syncopated bass drive and unmistakable jazz feel to your songs.

Feature Spotlight:

Singer-Songwriter EZbass MIDI pack

In most singer-songwriter material, the vocals, the lyrics and the melody are often what remains in the focal point throughout. This collection of EZbass MIDI was designed to give the demanding songwriter a fundamental battery of basslines with just that in mind. Expect laid-back and smooth grooves designed to not eat up space but rather help embellish chord sequences with stylish, mellow and sophisticated transitions and variations.

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