UVI offers 50% off SweepMachine, Urban X and Scratch Machine through June 14th, 2021

10th June 2021

UVI is offering 50% off SweepMachine, Scratch Machine (each at $19/19€ instead of $39/39€) and Urban X (at $24/24€ instead of $49/49€) through June 14th, 2021.

Here's what they say:

Unleash your creativity with these three expressive instruments: a versatile noise and sweep designer, a highly-addictive scratch instrument, and a unique tweakable sample-synth.

Currently on sale at a no-brainer price. Equally suited for both typical and avant-garde uses, SweepMachine is a versatile instrument priced to find a home in any sound design toolbox. Scratch Machine allows you to deliver the authentic sound of vinyl in a truly expressive instrument packed with a library of 6,300+ samples and 4,200+ phrases. A sample-synth for the street, Urban X combines 3 of our fully-featured synth voices with a massive set of sounds ideal for popular urban music styles.

This offer is valid at uvi.net through June 14th, 2021.

Listen to SweepMachine: SoundCloud.com/uvi-official/sets/sweepmachine

Listen to Scratch Machine: SoundCloud.com/uvi-official/sets/scratch-machine

Listen to Urban X: SoundCloud.com/uvi-official/sets/urban-x

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