ModeAudio releases 'Modular Living - Synth Loops & Sequences'

8th July 2021

ModeAudio has released Modular Living - Synth Loops & Sequences, 144 music loops and 43 drum samples created exclusively using an extensive array of custom modular patches built from scratch.

ModeAudio says:

The 332MB pack spans thumping sinewave kicks and razor-sharp sawtooth basses, shape-shifting leads and squelching FX, deep percussive pulses and soaring pads - designed for frantic Techno, analog-flavoured Electro Pop or ethereal Ambient Chillwave.

Each loop incorporates the subtle touch and feel of real-time sound manipulation, layered with delicate lines of delay, warm filter saturation, aftertouch modulation and classic sample and hold effects.


Price: £18 / $25 / €21.


KVR Audio, Inc.