Aaron Venture Summer Promotions on Infinite Brass and Infinite Woodwinds

12th July 2021

Aaron Venture has announced summer deals on all their instrument libraries including Infinite Brass and Infinite Woodwinds.

Available for $349 through July, they can also be purchased as part of the Infinite Winds Ensemble for $599.

Infinite Brass is a collection of next-gen virtual brass instruments that let you play any line exactly as it sounds in your head—right on your keyboard with no keyswitching—and render your performance authentically with a fantastic, clean, modern sound in one of 3 different spaces.

Infinite Woodwinds is the second release in my line of next-gen virtual orchestral instruments. As with Infinite Brass, the goal was to create a collection of expressive virtual instruments that are easy to use and fun to play, allowing for quick results and realistic performances while sounding great out-of-the-box.

Aaron Venture

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