Fanatical Mega Music Collection 2 Royalty Free Bundle - Up to 98% off

20th July 2021

Fanatical's Mega Music Collection 2 Royalty Free Bundle, featuring up to 37 new-to-Fanatical products, is now available:

Fanatical says:

With hundreds of sound loops available across three tiers, this array of genres and emotion-grabbing audio will help you find the right sound for your movies, TV shows, games and more.

Six sound packs are up for grabs in $1 Tier One of this collection. Get retro, arcade music loops for nostalgic games with 8 Bit Loops Action Pack; choose a heavy, powerful rock and orchestral theme with Epic Symphonic Rock Music Track; and create a sense of triumph and winning with the Triumphant Orchestral Music Pack - and much more.

With $13 Tier Two, you'll gain an extra 12 packs including Short Hard Rock Music Loops, a collection of 10 tracks ideal for energetic, fast-paced and challenging action games, beat 'em ups, and run 'n gun titles. Choose a mix of tracks that ooze classic video game systems with Retro Action Music Pack; build an dreamy, emotional and inspiring moods with the Lyric & Relaxing Background Music Pack and Lyric Voices 2 (Choir Music Pack); plus many more.

Looking for a bigger variety of sounds? $20 Tier Three gives you all 37 sound packs, giving you an even bigger choice for your desired projects. Bring the fun to game creations with the Retro Platformer Music Pack; bring the action to games, trailers, teasers, and intros with the Cyber Attack (Dramatic Cyberpunk Music); and bring fantasy battles and grand adventures to life with the Dramatic Symphonic Game Music Pack - and many more.

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